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Fernando: Irish Adventure

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I am Fernando. My academic year started the 29th of August of 2020 with InterWay, and as soon as I arrived at my host family home, I had to spend two weeks in confinement according to the conditions imposed by the Irish health authorities. At home I met other three nice and friendly exchange students; one from Spain (same as when I come from) another from Italy and the last one from French. Only one of them, the Italian, lives with me but we go all together to the same school, Saint Brendan’s College.

The first days at school were quite difficult because I had to get familiar with the language and try to think in English!! On the social side at the beginning, I was a little bit lost because I didn’t know anyone in the school, but when I started to talk, and interact with the rest of the students it was very easy. Now I have very good friends in the school


I like a lot to do sports, so I joined a local s team where I get well with all my teammates and I have met a lot of people too, moreover I started in a gym to train myself. Now it’s all closed because the covid situation, but I’m looking forward to playing again and have fun.


It is true that weather is not one of the best things that Ireland has compared with the South of Spain where I live, but little by little I get used to it and even enjoy of long walks in the wet forests. In the area where I live you can breathe and feel the mother nature!!

We have a great group of friends with the exchange students of our city, we talk a lot, and we get on very well. We love to go to the town and have dinner or just go for a walk; we usually do that on weekends. Another nice activity we do together is travelling to some cities in the area doing some tourism and learning about the Irish culture and their customs. We already visited Cork and Tralee. We had a lot of fun in those trips, and we discovered amazing places.

I’m very happy with my host family, we talk a lot and sometimes we watch a film together and share some other activities. Christmas and New Year’s Eve were my first festivities far away from home and they make me feel as part of the family. Furthermore, our host mother’s daughter come a lot at home with her beautiful daughter and we play sometimes with her and have a lot of fun.

It’s true that obviously the experience it’s not the same as other years because the pandemic, but still, I’m very happy with this experience and it’s something that I will not hesitate to recommend to everyone. First at all, you improve your English level incredibly, you meet a lot of new people, make new friends from different countries, you have a lot of fun, and you learn a new culture.








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